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Event Pictures was created by myself, Duncan Harris, to specialise only in Event Photography. I trained as a fashion photographer with my father many many years ago then continued into wedding photography. With the introduction of digital photography I saw the fantastic opportunity of photographing people enjoying their leisure pursuits and immediately producing professional pictures to be taken away on the day. Quality, speed and reliability is key to Professional Event Photography and needs specialist skills and equipment therefore I decided that we needed to specialise in only photographing Event so that we could invest the time and funds to meet the specific demands required.

We photograph all types of Events across the country; to be able to do this we have skilled trained fully equipped teams covering the country with some specialising in certain types of Events. I cover as many Events personally as I can and will only accept additional Events if we have suitable teams to deliver an excellent service meeting customer requirements.

I deal with all initial enquires, please call or email me to discuss your requirements. Best regards Duncan. (contact)

A few Key Points to our Success in Event Photography:

Personal Attention: We are not a large organisation, your Event is important to us and we will always give you our personal attention. We expect that organisers will often have particular requirements.

Do what you do well: Event Photography requires particulars skills and equipment. Unlike other photography you can't control the subject and you have to work within limitations such as space, distance, lighting. We always have to remember the Event is more important than the photography BUT everyone wants to take a memory away afterwards. To produce consistent quality images at speed we train our photographers and invest in equipment that is specific to Event Photography.

Photographers & Printing Staff: Most photographers can take lots of pictures and end up with a good one or two; our photographers are experienced professional Event Photographers delivering exciting images time after time after time. At most events we print on-site (unless not practical) this means we employ printing sales staff that are trained to produce consistent quality prints composed and adjusted to meet customer needs. We are not pushy sales people we let our pictures do that !!

Photographic Equipment: There are many types and brands of equipment but only some provide the speed and quality suitable for Event Photography. We use Canon or Nikon Professional Cameras, particularly the Canon 1D range that are almost exclusively used by sports and news photographers offering fantastic focusing speeds and high quality that we need at our Events. Cameras are only part of the story, quality "fast" Lenses are required therefore we mainly use the Canon "L" range Lens which are again manufactured for professional use.

On-Site Viewing and Printing: Whilst excellent images are required from our photographers these have to be made available to visitors as quickly as possible at the event for their enjoyment. To this end we have specialist American Viewing and Printing Software to enable us to show, adjust and print very quickly. From the point of the customer choosing a picture we can produce a quality print in a strut mount within 90 seconds. We use Mitsubishi Dye Sublimation Printers producing excellent laboratory quality prints that are water and fingerprint resistant and are far more durable than Ink-Jet Prints.

Mobile Studio: For indoor events we have fully equipped Mobile Studios that consist of professional studio flash equipment and full size backgrounds. To entertain guests and provide a special fun memory we can incorporate "Greenscreen" Photography (virtual themed backgrounds)and Props according to the theme of the Event. Borders (logos, titles etc) and Props according to the theme of the Event. When Printing we can produce photographs with "Borders" - Logos, titles, Magazine Covers etc.

Child Protection & Insurance: Event Pictures have strict guidelines for staff to follow regarding Child Protection. All staff members are either enhanced CRB checked or are in the process of the check being processed. We have full specialist photography industry insurance that includes Public Liability cover up to £5 million.


  • Personal Attention

  • Event Photography Specialists

  • Experienced Photographers for all types of Events

  • Professional Canon and Mitsubishi Event Equipment

  • Full On-Site Viewing and Printing Facilities

  • Fully equipped Mobile Studios

  • 100% Reliability Record

  • Organisers re-book us year on year
Event Pictures