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Charity Events - How We Work

We have experience of many Charity Events, they can vary in type, size and objectives therefore we believe it is imperative for us to understand what the Charity wants to achieve. Working closely with the Organisers we can plan and agree particular needs and deliver a complete service however simple or involved the requirements are.

We do not charge an attendance fee (subject to event size) and normally make a donation to the Charity. The donation can either be inbuilt within the photograph purchase price with a percentage of sales being donated or we quote a price for the photograph and highlight X amount will be donated to the Charity. Highlighting that an amount is being donated to the Charity is very popular particularly at social and formal evening Events and usually achieves higher Charity Donations.

For detailed information regarding how we work please see:-

Social and Formal How We Work Page
Sport and Show How We Work Page




  • We plan each Event to match requirements

  • Experienced Charity Event Photographers

  • Donations to Charities and Clubs

  • Adaptable on the Day

  • Special Requests

  • Quality On-Site Printing

  • Web Ordering after Event