Event Photography

Social and Formal Events - How We Work

Before the Event:
The success and enjoyment of any Event is down to planning and understanding any specific requirements therefore before the Event we discuss details such as:-

  • Timings - Access to site, when guests are arriving, start times and other key events during the evening such as presentations, speeches, auctions etc.
  • Numbers and format of the evening - Such as number of guests, particular VIPs or groups we should be aware of and the full agenda for the evening.
  • Specific photographs that need to be taken for PR, Press or Future Publications.
  • Any theme or Greenscreen requirements.
  • The layout of the venue, space available to us, where we will set-up the mobile studio (if required) and viewing and printing facilities including logistics such as tables, electricity etc. Our aim is to be as inconspicuous as possible but also to provide entertainment to guests as and when required.
  • If and how our presence can be advertised e.g. printed in the program, leaflet/cards issued as people arrive, announcement during the evening etc.
  • From understanding the details of the Event and our experience we can decide how many photographers will be required and any other facilities we will need.
  • If required we can often arrange a site meeting before the Event if it is necessary.

On the Day:
Our Event Team will have been briefed on all the requirements agreed and normally will just get on with setting-up and photographing the Event. If the Event Organisers have any changes or further requirements our Event Team will do everything in their power to accommodate theses. Typically (if there is such an event !!) the day would go as follows:-

  • The Event Team will arrive in plenty of time to set-up the mobile studio and printing facilities before guests arrive. They will discuss any changes and walk the venue to find the best vantage spots. They will also check the program of events and then schedule any specific photographs that are required.
  • If required the photographer(s) will photograph guests arriving and then be available at our mobile studio throughout the evening. During the evening table shots, presentations and other events will be covered as required.
  • Throughout the evening images will be displayed for guests to view and order. The images are usually available to view within 15/30 minutes of the photographer taking the picture subject to the type of Event we are covering. The Mobile Studio is attached to our computers therefore as pictures are taken guests and view and order instantly.
  • During the evening our photographer can be requested to take any special pictures as the day unfolds.
  • At the end of the day we continue displaying the pictures until all visitors have had the opportunity to view them - depending on the event we are usually leave around midnight !!

After the Event :
We like to have the images available to view on our website as soon as possible as we find guests are keen to see them and show others.

  • Subject to timing of the Event the images are normally uploaded so they are available the following day.
  • Guests can access our website, view all the images (normally categorised so they can be found easily) and order any that they would like.
  • Deliver of website orders are made within 14 days of receipt of order.
  • We like to contact the Event Organisers after the Event to confirm everything was to their satisfaction and pencil in dates for any future Events.



  • We plan each Event to match requirements

  • Professional People Friendly Photographers

  • Mobile Studios

  • Inconspicuous when required

  • Adaptable on the Day

  • Special Requests

  • Quality On-Site Printing

  • Web Ordering after Event